We have not established definite Old IRA connections for six of the men arrested at the Custom House and interned in Kilmainham. Their names and addresses appear on the Prisoner List drawn up by the British military but not in any list from IRA or other sources. Witness Statements make no reference to them. None appear in any known Kilmainham autograph book. They are not on the Army Census. And there are no relevant Military Service Pension files online. In addition, any family death notices discovered make no mention of Old IRA service.

In any event, Old IRA or not, these men were all arrested and spent almost 6 months in detention accused of hostile action against crown rule. They deserve to be remembered for that punishment and sacrifice.

On the face of it, all the names are those of actual people whose lives can be tracked through public records. But, apart from one of these men, no living family has been traced to contribute to their stories.

Perhaps some Kind Reader will be able to help us out. Is there a name you recognise as an ancestor or relative? Or even an old family friend or neighbour of your parents or grandparents? Or can you spot a familiar address?

In alphabetical order the first man is William ‘Bill’ Adderley, 5 Wellington Place.

The nearest connection to the Old IRA found for this man is that he acted as best man for a fellow prisoner after their release from Kilmainham. Even that suggested link is a bit tenuous because they lived on the same street and may have been old pals. Plus the groom involved, Peter O’Brien, is himself in the ‘slightly doubtful’ Volunteer category!

Burning of Dublin Custom House 1921
William Adderley’s original home place (OSI)

Known facts about William Adderley

  • Born: 27 June 1896 (elder twin of Elizabeth) at 5 Wellington Place, off Mountjoy Street and Fontenoy Street (Inns Quay Ward).
  • Parents: Richard, a Bricklayer’s Helper (c. 1862-1902) and Esther Devlin (c. 1862-1928 from Co Wicklow). Stepfather Joseph Caffrey, a Printer (c. 1855-1925).
  • Siblings known: John, Margaret, Richard, Dorothy/Dora (later Dunne, died 1958) and his twin Elizabeth (later Magan, died 1925).
  • Occupations: Provisions Shop Messenger (1911), Factory Hand (1934).
  • Marriage: 30 September 1934 to Monica (Mona) Ward (19-1985) from 45 Upper Wellington Street at St Joseph’s Church, Berkeley Road. Witnesses: Richard Adderley and Eileen Ward.
  • Death: 28 November 1975 aged 79 at St Mary’s Hospital, Phoenix Park. Married, late of 153 Botanic Avenue and Williams & Woods Sweet Manufacturers, Kings Inns Street/Loftus Lane off Parnell Street. They used to make the famous Silvermints and were later known as Willwood in Tallaght.
  • Burial: Glasnevin, St Patrick’s section, plot AN90.5.
  • Children: One daughter, Monica C. (1941-1976, Ballygall, Finglas – married surname Watts).
  • Extended Family surnames: Adderley, Dunne, Kelly, Boyne, Magan (married surname Garland).
  • Comments: Bill Adderley was a Witness at Peter Paul O’Brien’s wedding in 1922.
Burning of Dublin Custom House 1921
Family notice in Irish Independent

In the next part we will feature James Angelton, sometimes spelled Ingleton.

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